Frederic Rzewski “Attica” (1974) vs Lou Reed “Street Hassle” (1978)

Frederic Rzewski was a member of the influential, experimental collective, Musica Elettronica Viva, or MEV. Rzewski merged elements of minimalism, jazz and improvisation into his works. “Attica” sounds like a chamber pop antecedent to Spiritualized, late era Spacemen 3, and Lou Reed’s epic “Street Hassle”. Such a beautiful, deep composition. I have an original of this Rzewski LP and am going through some serious hesitation about selling. As I clear through my collection, reacquainting myself with this rare gem, I’ve developed a fondness that makes me want to hang on to it. Sometimes ya gotta make those tough calls.

Here’s a nice live performance from Frontiers New Music Ensemble of this seldom performed piece

Another great piece from the same album


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