Cheap Trick: Original Reach Out demo by Pete Comita!!!

Okay, hot on the heels of the Robin Zander birthday post, I felt I had to add a separate post for this lil tidbit. I have loved Cheap Trick’s two songs on the Heavy Metal soundtrack, Reach Out and I Must Be Dreamin’, since the film and soundtrack were released. I did not, however, realize that Reach Out was written by the band’s temporary replacement for bassist Tom Petersson, Pete Comita. Well, according to Bun E Carlos: “…There was another song that Pete said he wrote, “Reach Out.” Pete came up with that guitar riff, but some other guy Bob James, or whatever, wrote that song but then years later Pete said “I wrote that song!” It’s like, “yeah whatever Pete”[Laughs]. Pete’s time was notable basically for watching Pete get as high as he could everyday. He’d take anything anybody put in his hand, or snort whatever anybody laid on a table. That guy was a party dog. He was a good guitar player, but we hired him to play bass! When I say he was a party dog I mean he was not the only one, we were all party dogs. Don’t get me wrong here, none of us were angels.” (
Anyway, all of this leads me to… Pete Comita’s demo for Reach Out, which is on the least likely of places, his myspace account. The second song, Gonna Fool Yourself was also a demo for Cheap Trick but I’m not sure of the provenance of the other two

and the released version with the scene in which it’s used

And for a more thorough examination of this era of Cheap Trick


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