Happy Birthday, David Blue. Now listen to some awesomeness from his 1966 LP

It seems that not many people know the name, David Blue, and those that do are firmly within the singer/songwriter camp of listeners. That all needs to change, as his eponymous, 1966, full length debut, contains some of the most bent copping of Dylan’s, Highway 61 Revisited and Bringing It All Back Home LPs, ever waxed. There is no doubt that the comparison is apt as Blue employed session musicians who had worked with Dylan, and Dylan himself, as a friend of Blue’s, would stop by the studio during these very sessions.

Just give a listen to If Your Monkey Can’t Get, which sounds as if the Velvet Underground, circa White Light/White Heat, jumped in as Dylan’s 65-66 backing band. The intro even reminds me a little of post-No Wave, Sonic Youth. An absolute monster!

It Tastes Like Candy, also has a Velvets edge, with it’s circular guitar and organ melody and floor tom kept beat

Justine is another stompin’ punker of a Dylan rip

Richie Unterberger’s informative liner notes for the reissue


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