R.I.P. Albert Maysles

Once called “the best American cameraman” by Jean-Luc Godard, Albert Maysles and his younger brother, David, were a documentary team nonpareil. Their no frills, freewheeling attitude with which they dealt their subjects, put the viewer IN the movie; the virtual fly on the wall, present as the events unfold. You were a privileged participant, allowed access to the inner workings of secret societies, not merely an anthropologist or historian, recording occasions for posterity. They had the uncanny ability to ingratiate themselves as confidants one moment and find themselves as adversaries at another. As Albert himself has stated, “We get crushes and we get crushed from almost all the subjects that we film.”. The dichotomy did wonders for the documentary film.

“The film is sort of the the beginning of a love affair between the filmmakers and the subjects. Some filmmakers make targets of the subjects they film; that’s not our way.”

if ya can’t get enough of the Edie’s

If you’ve got $200 to drop…

“People are people. We’re out to discover what is going on behind the scenes and get as close as we can to what is happening.”


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