Besides the hangovers, further proof that Two-Buck Chuck wants to kill you

Arsenic and old grapes



There are only two staples of living life as a broke college student: Ramen noodles and cheap boxed wine. Both are terrible for you, and once you enter adulthood, the thought of ingesting either ever again can send you running to the nearest toilet. Apparently though, only one of these things can actually kill you.

BeverageGrades, a Denver laboratory that analyzes different types of wine, has reportedly found high levels of arsenic in some of the cheapest and most popular brands of the alcoholic beverage. Kevin Hicks, the creator of the lab, claims to have tested over 1,300 bottles of vino after taking issue with the fact that there are hardly any federal labeling requirements to explain what exactly is in that bottle of fermented grapes. What he found was shocking:

The lower the price of wine on a per-liter basis, the higher the amount of arsenic. Some very, very…

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