This season’s style is all about the Broad City, Ilana look. Just ask American Apparel

So American Apparel is in hot water yet again, regarding it’s use of disparaging vernacular for women (shocker, I know). What I find interesting is that photo attached to their pro-diversity Facebook response, is clearly going hard for the Ilana, Broad City look (down to the outta control curly hair), so be prepared for midriff baring crop tops and high waisted shorts this spring and summer. Unfortunately for most, it’s a look that requires the don’t give a fuck panache of someone like Ilana, who absolutely kills it, to carry it off, meaning there’s probably gonna be a whole lotta thrift store/Urban Outfitters hot messes on parade this season. Get your Vice fashion “do’s and don’ts” cameras ready.
The Facebook “apology” photo
And some of Ilana’s best

Abbi Jacobson


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