Happy birthday to John Oates and his mustache

I absolutely love Hall & Oates, always have and always will. Apparently though, it is not in the cards for me to see them live. I had tickets to see them in Big Flats, NY, and they cancelled due to illness. A year or two later as I was visiting my parents in Florida, I found out that they were playing at a great theater, a few miles from my folks home. My girlfriend and I planned to pick up tickets, the following day, but you know what I woke up to? My mom telling me to turn on the TV because a plane had crashed into the Twin Towers. Yep, it was 9-11. Needless to say, the tour dates were off and I have not attempted to see them since. I mean, I was raised on them and clearly I adore their infectious pop/soul hybrid, but who wants to be responsible for national disasters?
On a lighter note, please enjoy this animated ode to the glory of Oates’ mustache


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