Check out 1983’s Sci-Fi Thriller, Wavelength, starring The Runaways vocalist, Cherie Currie, and Robert Carradine

I’m always looking for films that have slipped through the cracks, and Wavelength appeals to me for several reasons:
2. Robert Carradine, aka, Lewis from the Revenge of The Nerds series.
3. It was released in 1983, and I’ve gotta thing for that era.
4. It’s Sci-Fi (really only in as much as it has a few aliens and some telepathy, but still).
5. Music by Tangerine Dream!

With all these things going for it, I was surprised that I knew nothing of the movie at all. While that is somewhat exciting, it also keeps my expectations pretty low, considering why don’t I know of it? Actually I prefer to have low expectations going into a movie, lest glowing reviews and hype give me unreasonable expectations, not unlike seeing the good, but hardly mindblowing, It Follows.

In the case of Wavelength, my expectations were far superseded, as the film makes great use of it’s minimal budget, with cheap but realistic sets and quality location shooting, the alien make up is appropriately minimal but still believable, the acting is good across the board, the pacing is neither rushed nor tedious, and Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack contribute’s significantly to atmosphere and tension.

As far as the story goes, Cherie Currie is “hearing” things that lead her and Robert Carradine to an underground military lab, which houses, in cryogenic chambers, the three surviving members of a crashed alien spaceship. Well, what does anyone wanna do when you find extraterrestrials being kept in stasis by the American military? Why, free them, of course!

The only other detail you should need, is the link to start watching this obscure gem now…

Oh, director Mike Gray also wrote 1979’s, The China Syndrome


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