Send in the clowns, it’s Crispin Hellion Glover’s birthday

“It’s like, you can’t have any fun, and if you do have fun, if you do your own thing, you’re considered crazy and should be in a mental institution. Now, that’s what I find creepy. I’m eccentric. I am not messed up.”

Glover has only shown the first two parts of, What Is It and It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine, of a proposed trilogy, at exclusive theatrical engagements, meaning that unless you live close to one of those theaters, you probably have not seen them. I have not. Though frustrating, as it’s been ten years since the release of What Is It, I appreciate that in the age of internet immediacy, Glover has chosen to hold something back. When I eventually see it, I imagine it’ll be akin to pre-internet days of waiting years just to hear a record. Sometimes the wait’s not worth it, other times the feeling is unforgettable.


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