Song Of The Day: The Church w/ George Ellis Orchestra – Tantalised

From 1985’s, Heyday, this is a 2011 performance with full orchestra from The Sydney Opera House.

I saw The Church, on the Starfish tour somewhere around ’88, with Peter Murphy and Tom Verlaine opening. They were at the height of their American fame, with the single, Under The Milky Way, having cracked the Top 40, and were in great form. Sad thing is, that despite having had all their albums up to that point, I know virtually nothing of the post Starfish era life of the band. Well, not knowing what to expect from The Church live these days, I’ve gotta say how blown away I am by these epic performances of Tantalized. In fact, I was just going to post the song Reptile, when I discovered these clips and decided that they had to be posted. Full orchestra, at the world famous Sydney Opera House, and Marty Wilson Piper getting nastier on the guitar than he did back in the eighties? Yeah, sign me up!

And another performance from a year before from their induction into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame, with a smaller orchestra, but perhaps even better sound


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