The list of things that I dislike about Netflix is substantial…

and this is grievance #341: Why is there a category “based on books”, much less what appears to be the new “suspenseful movies based on books”?
“Hey, honey, ya know what I wanna watch?”
“No, dear, what?”
“A movie based on a book.”
“Oh, that sounds good. Ya mean one that you’ve read… oh, that’s right, I mean one that you’re clearly not ever going to read, hence this category?”
“Exactly! I just wish that they could further direct me as to which books to watch.”
“Then I have the best news for you! They added “suspenseful movies based on books” so now you can act like you’ve read all the Tom Clancy novels.”
What completely useless categories.

and while I’m on it, grievance #465: Could we not have the same movies listed in ten different fucking categories? I’m a collector, I understand the difficulty of assigning certain things genres, but this is beyond ridiculous. Oh, you recommended it because of my interest in Big Trouble In Little China and it’s also in Comedies, Action, Suspense, Hidden Gems, Exciting Movies, Movies About Asia, Movies Based On Books About Asia, Suspenseful comedic cult films featuring guys who resemble Kurt Russell…. There’s no point in a recommendation if the damn thing is listed in every sub category you have. Plus I’m just tired of seeing that damn film listed everywhere.


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