Happy birthday, Bill Sienkiewicz

I remember when Bill Sienkiewicz’s art started coming into it’s own, in the mid-eighties, and feeling like it was the artistic fulfillment of the promise given by the rise of the graphic novel. His work was utterly unique for the comic industry, looking more the product of galleries than convenient stores (back when they stocked comics) or comic book shops. His work often appeared demented, refined technique and aggressive scrawling appearing on the same page as though a schizophrenic break occurred during the process. In fact much of his art appeared as though shown behind a scratched or cracked lens. It’s hard to adequately describe, with the style now being accepted, if not common, just how fresh and original it was at the time. His four issue mini-series, Stray Toasters, stands out as one of the era’s most inventive combinations of writing and design.


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