Happy birthday to the architect of the Krautrock sound, Conny Plank

As much as any band, Conny Plank shaped the genre that came to be known as Krautrock, his publishing company, Kraut, providing the most obvious titular connection. Plank’s pioneering use of electronics and commitment to experimentation, became the cornerstone on which German bands solidified their unique contribution to the world. He was co-producer on the first four Kraftwerk albums, all three Neu! records and the first post Neu! band, La Dusseldorf’s first LP, several Guru Guru records, engineered the first Ash Ra Tempel and the pre-Kraftwerk, Tone Float, broke ground in electronic music with Kluster, worked with Brian Eno and continued being relevant into the eighties working with such bands as Ultravox, D.A.F., Killing Joke, The Eurythmics and others, as well as his own projects.

The Day After The Sabbath was nice enough to compile a selection of some of the heavier moments in the Plank’s sessionography.


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