The best episode of Cribs ever

Redman keeps it real. When the rest of the Hip-Hop world was concerned with appearances and flossing, Redman straight does not give a fuck. There is no Scarface memorabilia, no state of the art entertainment center, no neon Lambos with mink floor mats (I’m looking at you, Busta Rhymes), no second solarium… just a dude and his busted apartment.

As far as I’m concerned, Cribs was a major factor in the destruction of Hip-Hop’s integrity. How could you take these personas seriously, when you realized how out of touch with the rest of the world they had become? It pulled back the Veil of Maya on the idea of “keeping it real” laying bare the crass commercialism and consumerism that had taken it’s place. Hip-Hop still needs more figures like Redman.

Thanks to Thrillist for reminding me of this


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