Just take those old records off the shelf, it’s Bob Seger’s birthday

Before Bob Seger became an ubiquitous seventies radio hit machine, he was cranking out some of the most rocking sides to ever roll off of the Motor City music assembly line. Here’s a buncha my favorites, recorded with the Bob Seger System, The Last Heard and a live recording from 1973 with the Borneo Band. I recommend digging online and finding any live shows from ’75 or before. His performances during this era are some of my favorites.

2+2 is one of the toughest songs that I’ve ever heard

Better known for the Thin Lizzy cover, Rosalie is actually a Bob Seger original, appearing on Back in ’72

Listen to the Bob and The Borneo Band kick up a gospel storm. Seriously, dig that transition from Will The Circle Be Unbroken into Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love. Ridiculous. Heavy Music is right!
01. Think 07:12
02. Higher & Higher 03:26
03. St. Dominicks Review 06:12
04. Circle Song 03:54
05. Bo Diddley 06:50
06. Someday 02:40
07. Rosalie 03:39
08. Long As I Can Play 05:38
09. Born Under A Bad Sign 06:29
10. Turn On Your Love Light 13:24


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