Inside Amy Schumer’s amazing 12 Angry Men spoof, was a response to a blogger’s “review”

First off, if you’re unfamiliar with said sketch, which is the entirety of the episode, check out some clips below. The format of 1957’s, 12 Angry Men, was the perfect way to humorously, yet effectively, confront the all too often debated relation of celebrity to physical appearance. In the sketch, the eponymous group of jurors, debates whether “…Amy Schumer is hot enough to be on the television.”. Should she be found “not bangable”, she will “lose her television show, or be put to immediate death”. The sad truth is that you know that this is the kind of discussion that is taking place, not just on the internet among a group of anonymous trolls, but in meetings at every studio/network before a green light is issued. I’m pretty sure that the following jurors conversation has been discussed ad infinitum by Hollywood execs (and well beyond the entertainment industry, for that matter):
“Let me ask a question, where’s Megan Fox’s talk show?”
“I’d see a Kate Upton sitcom”
“Okay, but are those girls funny?”
“Now, no women are funny, but if you have to hear them blab, they better, at least, be hot.”

It’s exactly this sort of material, that has me looking forward to the continued development of Schumer’s comedy. Her self-deprecating humor has become poignant social critique, while only becoming better and funnier for it.


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