A$AP Rocky’s new song, LSD, is a game changer

So the word was that A$AP Rocky’s use of psychedelics would play a major role in the sound of his impending record. Well, here’s the first official video and it’s clear that the rumors were true. And just in case someone didn’t get the memo, he titled the cut, LSD, to clarify.

Rocky goes out on a limb both lyrically and musically, on this new track. With his mind racing, Rocky tries to articulate what to him is a whole new world of emotion, coming to grips with who he’s been and who he’s becoming. The trippy and unique production, even plays into this voyage of self discovery as after the three minute mark, the beat entirely switches up and Rocky falls into a lyrical flow more reminiscent of that for which he’s known (that being of more common and popular Hip-Hop tropes), until the lines, “That’s when the new you becomin’ different since they knew you. I guess the new me is just gon’ take some gettin’ used to.” and with that revelation, the beat returns to the new A$AP Rocky style. The production uses effects, hushed vocals and an effective, subtle guitar melody, all of which continue to build, and, as mentioned goes through a complete, and lyrically appropriate, switch up, only to return to the original theme. It even takes nearly two minutes for a beat to kick in, which clearly goes against most Hip-Hop standards.

What excites me about this track, and hopefully the rest of the album, is that, given A$AP Rocky’s high profile and stature within the world of Hip-Hop, there may be a ripple effect. Imagine if, instead of the verse/chorus/verse and repetitive themes and production of today’s radio friendly Hip-Hop, more artists promoted cuts that didn’t fit a mold, ones that explored different issues and weren’t afraid to experiment with production techniques and varying tempos. It could be a revolution of individuality that sets the true artists apart from the legions of imitators. Diversity on popular radio? What a novel idea.


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