I pity the fool that don’t wish Mr. T a happy birthday.


6 responses to “I pity the fool that don’t wish Mr. T a happy birthday.

  1. I had seen some of the clips from BE SOMEBODY…OR BE SOMEBODY’S FOOL, but this is the first one I’ve seen from MR. T’S COMMANDMENTS; nice work! Judging from the musical bent here (one I share!), you might have enjoyed hearing Blondie’s Debbie Harry read from Mr. T’s memoir at San Francisco Sketchfest in February. I talked about that and other memorable Mr. T moments on my blog’s tribute post on Thursday…

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    • I would enjoy hearing Debbie Harry read a how to manual on asbestos removal, so yep. I too have possessed many Mr T articles over the years, including a whole box of the air fresheners, which emitted an unforgettable smell that was the olfactory equivalent of the phrase “burned into my retinas”. Singed into my cilia, perhaps? Also, I’m digging your blog. We clearly have a similar musical aesthetic. Blue Ash!


      • It was interesting, especially compared to some of the other readers’ performances that were more mimicry-based…she sounded like herself, but it definitely embodied the hints of vulnerability in that part of Mr. T’s memoir. (She had read Hedy Lamarr and Loni Anderson’s books earlier in the show, and weirdly enough I thought that those two readings involved more “acting,” even though anyone would think they were a better fit to her persona.) Thanks so much for the kind words! I don’t know why Blue Ash ended up so thwarted…I just knew the (excellent!) “Abracadabra” for years, and had no idea that there was such a deep catalog of amazing material. Did a double-take when I saw the Chuck Jones post, since I wrote several about his work (the comedic cartoons) this past winter. Separated at birth? Makes ya wonder…

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  2. “Hints of vulnerability”?! Mr. T?!!! Unless it involves his mama, or children, I won’t hear of it! Ha.
    As far as Chuck Jones goes, if you grew up between the 1940’s and the early 80’s, and didn’t have the work of Chuck Jones as both crucial entertainment and friend, well, lemme hand it back over to Mr T for a moment and say, “I pity the fool”. Hell, I remember many of the images from his cartoons more vividly than those of my own life! I’ll dig through your archives to check out those posts.
    And on a Blue Ash/Ohio Proto-Powerpop tip, this 1969 B-side, from Eric Carmen’s pre-Raspberries band, Cyrus Erie, is one of my faves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-Dtg295wVk
    Separated at birth? I’ll happily take that as a compliment!


    • Yikes, you’ve got a point there! I guess “pensiveness” would be a better fit, as I think she was reading a part where Mr. T was considering all the hardscrabble times that led up to his success. As for Chuck Jones, I remember my third grade teacher playing some classical music, and I think I was excitedly remembering all the related Warner Brothers cartoons. She shot me this look and said “I’m trying to give you kids CULTURE, and you just talk about cartoons!” Cartoons ARE culture, lady. I haven’t had a chance to check out the Cyrus Erie yet (one of those multiple-graduation social obligation weekends from hell), but I’m looking forward to it!


      • In case my loved ones find the above comment on the infernal search machines, I should clarify that the graduation events themselves were really fun…there were just a lot of them to handle on one weekend. (Poster’s remorse: haven’t had that in a while!)


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