Song of The Day: Tom Waits – Clap Hands

In deference to my love of Harry Partch, I bring you this Tom Waits classic. I first heard Harry Partch at about the time that Waits’, Rain Dogs, was released. Hearing the marimba at the beginning of this song, I was immediately struck by the similarities to Partch’s, Castor and Pollux, with the cloud chamber bowls and Partch designed marimba variants, not surprising, given that Waits’ previous album, Swordfishtrombones, listed former member of the Harry Partch Ensemble, Francis Thumm as arranger and player of “glass harmonica” and “metal aunglongs” on said album. As far as Waits and Partch go, my love for each fuels my love for the other. Now clap hands for Tom Waits bringing Harry Partch to a wider audience.

And here’s Castor and Pollux, for comparison


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