NBC: Done With Donald Trump, Miss USA, Miss Universe – Update



UPDATE with more details, Donald Trump reax: “With my statements on immigration, which happen to be correct, [NBC is] going to take a different stance – that’s okay. Whatever they want to do is okay with me. I’ve had a lot of great relationships with NBC. As far as ending the relationship, I have to do that, because my view on immigration is much different than the people at NBC. You have to stop illegal immigration. I know NBC might disagree with me, but you cannot have illegal immigration. You do not have a country if you do…I told NBC I can’t change my stance.”

Trump answered questions about NBC’s announcement this morning after speaking to spoke to a sold-out City Club of Chicago luncheon, while members of the city’s Latino and Mexican communities protested outside, according to the local ABC station’s coverage of the event.

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One response to “NBC: Done With Donald Trump, Miss USA, Miss Universe – Update

  1. Wow – another loud sideshow from an over-privileged buffoon who is even a bigger waste of time than the entire Kardashian circus put together.


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