Happy birthday, Debbie Harry! Pt II – The Music

Prepare for Blondie overload…

Blondie tearing it up in this Musikladen performance. Posting the awesome version of X Offender, as the video of the full show cuts out the first part.


2 responses to “Happy birthday, Debbie Harry! Pt II – The Music

  1. This whole thing is fantastic! I’m stunned that the MUPPET SHOW episode isn’t available in its entirety somewhere (Disney still hasn’t released seasons 4 or 5)…I’d put it up with the Roger Miller episode as one of the best-ever ones. The whole sequence where Debbie teaches the Frog Scouts how to pogo so they can earn their punk merit badges makes me want to weep with happiness. And then they make her an honorary Frog Scout…sigh.

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    • Just read this quote in Esquire online about her Muppets appearance: “I wasn’t keen to do The Muppet Show at first, then I saw Dizzy Gillespie on it. I love Dizzy Gillespie. It’s remarkable. You see the Muppets on TV and they have character and everything but you think, “Well, they’re just puppets.” When you get there, it’s like they’re alive. I was disappointed that Miss Piggy wouldn’t be on the show with me. I never quite understood that. I felt that we could have been friends.”


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