The Kanyeoke debacle

I understand his attempt at pandering to his audience, but sweet jesus walks, that was horrible. Let’s not even get started on his quote that he is “the greatest living Rock star”. It’s kinda like if you have to declare yourself cool, then you are most certainly not, ya know? Maybe he should have tried to get Queen to back him for the inevitable hybrid collabo, Queezie, as in this shit is making me queasy.


3 responses to “The Kanyeoke debacle

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge Kanye’s pervasive influence and status, and enjoy a good few of his productions (not so much his rapping) but his ego is on some serious overcompensation tip. My new urban dictionary: “overKanyezation” – despite being internationally famous, you still feel the need to constantly proclaim your genius to assuage your lingering doubts as to your self-worth.


  2. Too many semi-talents claiming to be all-talent. This goes for music, politics, life in general. (Sorry if I seem grumpy – I want the seven minutes back that I wasted on Rihanna’s stupid T&A mess , please.) If I say “bitch” a lot, can I be a superstar, too?!?


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