A new video from Myrkur, Onde Børn

And just in time for her live debut at this weekend’s Roskilde Festival. Myrkur is a Black Metal(ish) project from model and former Pop singer, Amalie Bruun. On previous Myrkur releases, Bruun has, with the exception of drums, performed and produced all of her own material. On this forthcoming LP, she’s joined by Teloch from Mayhem on guitar, and Arcturus and Ulver’s, Kristoffer Rygg, aka Garm, will be producing. This new track seems more indebted to her pre-pseudonym past of 90’s Shoegazery moves, than any previous effort, which may prove problematic with a certain contingent of the Metal crowd, but I assume her résumé may have already done a fair amount of that. Me? I have no such Metal cred issues, and am digging the melodic confluence. Besides, what other model even listens to Black Metal, much less plays it? I’ll be waiting on the youtube postings of the Roskilde show.



One response to “A new video from Myrkur, Onde Børn

  1. Very nice – she’s striking and her voice works with/against the song beautifully. Now if I could just understand what she’s saying; the vocal is buried so deep in the mix.

    Reading the comments on the YouTube video page is hysterical; a bunch of folks arguing about how “pure black metal” this is or isn’t, that she’s too pop, etc. Come on, children, play and enjoy the music – and if you don’t, there’s more elsewhere….

    Thanks for turning me on to something I might well have missed!

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