Happy birthday, Beck

Beck has the amazing ability to switch genres at will and be equally talented in any of them. His skill for producing ballads is matched by very few contemporary (or any era, for that matter) writers, and he can groove with the best of 80’s Prince. In fact, I can think of no other contemporary American songwriter of his stature that can match both the diversity and depth of his work.

With such an impressive discography, it can be difficult to choose favorites, but the heartbreak of of 2002’s break-up classic, Sea Change, was particularly significant to me, with Lost Cause, in particular, being a poignant soundtrack moment in my life. In lieu of posting a hoard of Beck classics and obscurities, I’ll leave you with just that one.


One response to “Happy birthday, Beck

  1. Gorgeous song – this is more a different mix than a different performance, am I correct? The lead vocal seems a bit more forward in the first 2/3 of the track….

    PS – Love the Louis Jordan and Sugar Chile Robinson posts, too!


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