Songs of The Day: Stan Ridgeway & Stewart Copeland – Don’t Box Me In, and Stewart Copeland – The Equalizer Theme

Happy birthday, Stewart Copeland. Don’t Box Me In is the sole vocal track on Copeland’s excellent Rumble Fish soundtrack, with Wall of Voodoo’s, Stan Ridgeway, absolutely owning the mic. An exceptional performance. Other than the vocals and harmonica on this track, Copeland plays all instruments on the soundtrack, proving himself far more than just the dexterous master of percussion..

As far as The Equalizer Theme goes, I absolutely loved the Edward Woodward series about a CIA type operative, who, against company wishes, leaves the agency, to help society’s underdogs. Copeland scored the series, and his work gave the show a distinct musical feel, which was a major factor in the effectiveness of the series.

You walk
I’ll run
And follow right behind you

You call
I’ll come
And I won’t remember where I come from

Over there
At the end of the bar
This fish keeps swimming
In a jar

I feel
A tug on the line
Which end
Will I be on this time?

Don’t box me in
Don’t box me in

One day
I’ll show them
Just what I’m made of

The’ll be
A time
When I won’t remember what I was afraid of

And I’ll be swimming
In the sea
No banging on this glass
For me
My eyes saw red
When my world turned blue
So I’m leaving
Everything that’s true

And I’ll jump into
A brand new skin
And then you won’t be able
To box me in
Don’t box me in

Don’t box me in
Don’t box me in
Let go!

There’s a few places ’round
That I’ve never been
There’s an ocean out there
That I gotta swim
There’s a river that flows
Right past my door
I wonder…
I wonder…

And if sometimes
I can’t seem to talk
You’ll know this blackboard lacks
A piece of chalk

Don’t box me in
I told you not to
Don’t box me in

Don’t box me in
Don’t box me in
Let go!


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