It’s Guitar God, Ron Asheton’s birthday, so check out his OTHER band, Destroy All Monsters

Post-Stooges, Asheton actually performed in several bands, New Order (no, not that one), New Race, and Dark Carnival, not to mention his work with the Velvet Goldmine related super group, Wylde Rattz, but we’re concerned with just one, right now. Destroy All Monsters started in Ann Arbor, MI,1973, as an experimental project from a quartet of artists, Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Niagara and Carey Loren, using broken/modified and non-traditional instruments and pretty much anything that could be incorporated into their Avant Garde din. The band continued in this manner, until 1976 when Kelley and Shaw quit to attend grad school in California. When Ron Asheton and the MC5’s, Mike Davis, joined the band in 1977, their sound went through a dramatic overhaul, becoming a Detroit high energy styled Punk Rock powerhouse. The striking Niagara (who is now, as are Shaw and the deceased Kelley, a highly respected artist) became the singer, penning disaffected classics like Bored, while Asheton brought the guitar overload, as only he could. The band, with Niagara and Asheton as the core members, would go on to put out a handful of singles and play gigs around the Detroit area into the 80’s.


Oh, GG Allin  ripped off You’re Gonna Die for his Die When You Die


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