It’s Junior Kimbrough’s birthday

Master of a hypnotic Blues, peculiar to himself. The man’s music draws you in.


2 responses to “It’s Junior Kimbrough’s birthday

  1. OK, anytime I see a Jr Kimbrough post I gotta tell my story of how I went to see him with T-Model Ford and Hasil Adkins in LA late 90’s (?) and how Jr. played for probably an hour and a half, T-Model killed it and, of course Hasil played a raucous 20 minute set that culminated in him trashing his kit and stumbling off stage…that night I literally ran into Poison Ivy just as we were both turning a corner, almost took her down she’s so petite, and that was also the night I talked Bill Bateman (Blasters) into joining my band. So many vivid memories from that one night, but Jr. was easily my favorite that evening and actually had me in tears at one point.

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