Hip-Hop trends of which I’m tired, and some which I hope flourish

Just some random thoughts from someone who wants to keep loving Hip-Hop:

Done with…
1. the Migos flow (I loved Das Efx, but could you imagine if every song back then had the Das flow on it?)

2. the pubescent, whiny flow, often used in combination with #1
3. calling any impromptu rapping a “freestyle”. 95% of that shit was clearly written in advance.
4. the continued and almost Tourette’s like use of “bitch”, “ho”, “nigga”, etc.
5. the continued glorification of the gangsta lifestyle
6. Completely idiotic beefs from people trying to get some twitter action (among the many, how is a credited lyricist, a ghostwriter?).
7. The dubstep-like, painfully irritating use of belching electronic noise that punctuates any trap remix.

Keep on keepin’ on…
1. Embracing homosexual and international rappers. A little diversity helps shake things up.
2. Rappers getting involved in politics, particularly well versed dudes, like Killer Mike.
3. Using producers from other genres, again for diversity (even if alotta these tracks are horrible).


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