R.I.P. to steel guitar legend, Buddy Emmons



4 responses to “R.I.P. to steel guitar legend, Buddy Emmons

  1. While I never met him, I did see him live from the wings of the stage in Ray Price’s band in 1967 – the incredible physical coordination that it took to create that astonishing lyrical melody line and its accompanying chords was – and remains – mind-boggling. Not just a musical genius, he was also a totally committed physical presence with his instrument.

    RIP, Buddy – you showed everyone how to do it.

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      • And thank you for your response, Palmer. As time goes forward, I realize more and more how fortunate I was to meet a variety of people over the years through numerous sources. (At about the same time, for example, I got to meet and talk with Waylon Jennings right at the end of his slicked-back-hair period. That was as close as I’ll ever get to my first rock’n roll idol, Buddy Holly. Never met Willie, though.)

        I admire your prodigious output and while everything isn’t to mTate, much is. I would comment more – and wish others would, too – but I don’t want to “dominate the.rap.”

        Keep up the good work; I’ll be reading it!


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      • Dominate away (clearly it only would take a few comments. ha!). I’m almost at the end of a full year of this blog, and the volume of posts will most likely subside, perhaps with a more concerted effort towards actual writing. Thanks for sharing your stories, and your kind words and support!


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