Kids In The Hall’s, Bruce McCulloch, has a new show, Young Drunk Punk.

It takes place in the early eighties, in a suburban Canadian neighborhood. McCulloch plays the dad (always a favorite character of mine from the KITH days), in charge of the community grounds and security, with a wife and two kids. The show largely focuses on McCulloch’s recently graduated, late-teens, son, and his irritations with societal conventions and the ignorance of the masses, you know, the general angsty, know-it-all teen type. Oh, and the son and his best friend love Punk and there are plenty of references to UK Punk (they attend a Clash show, play the Buzzcocks, etc) and Canadian bands like The Diodes and Pointed Sticks. The cast work well together with a palpable chemistry, the daughter’s performance being particularly notable. Anyway, it’s a good laugh and only gets better as the season progresses.

Most episodes are available to stream on youtube, on what appears to be an official YDP account, so watch away guilt free.

Here’s the first episode (sound cuts in at thirty seconds).

The Diodes fantastic Powerpop/New Wave track, Tired of Waking Up Tired, gets a pair of plays throughout the season.


5 responses to “Kids In The Hall’s, Bruce McCulloch, has a new show, Young Drunk Punk.

  1. Ian’s musings (and how clever to have a character named Ian MacKay[e] in a punk show!) about where he would go did sound hearteningly Bobbyesque. I went to some KITH event in SF several years ago, and Bruce revealed that the Bobby sketches were basically his life as a lonely rock-obsessive teen in Calgary. I got the sense that the one thing holding him back was his current age, so having a younger guy to channel things through should help…

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