Happy birthday, David Yow

Didn’t realize that it was Yow’s birthday when earlier I posted the news of his joining Flipper for their reunion. The man gives his all and then some, on the stage. Without question, I have seen David Yow’s junk more than any other performer. And though, I believe that he usually keeps it in his pants these days, I was tremendously sad to have missed the Scratch Acid reunion dates, as they are one of my favorite bands of that era. I did see the shit out of some Jesus Lizard shows, though. Also, one of my favorite, and very twisted, lyricists.

Unfortunately I can’t find any footage of Yow’s recent appearance with Chrome, so, in lieu of that, here’s Yow and The Melvins.

Nor does there appear to be footage of the Yow/Shellac, Sex Pistols cover band, but the audio is up.

Let’s not forget his recent role in this Off! video for Hypnotized

Or his recent video for Dumb Numbers, Redrum.


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