Mos Def Challenges Everyone To A Rap Battle. *Updated

Two Rap battle posts in one day?!

I was just bitching about freestyles and how, way more often than not, they’re some pre-written verses thrown down as if that shit was live. Towards that end, Yasiin Mos Def Bey, threw down the gauntlet, challenging anyone to battle him with The Root’s Black Thought, and King Los, filling out his cypher. Looks like Lupe Fiasco has already accepted the challenge. Gimme some real freestyling.

*UPDATE – um, nevermind.

Oh, can we be done with the absolutely fucking horrific “comedy” series Epic Rap Battles of History, already? That is some of the worst shit that I’ve ever seen; not funny at all and the “rapping” beyond embarrassing. Painful.


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