Happy birthday to Charlemagne Palestine

One of the seminal practitioners of Drone composition, Charlemagne Palestine has established a strikingly singular body of work. As with other modern minimalist composers including, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Rhys Chatham, Yoshi Wada to name a few, Palestine was a student of Pandit Pran Nath, a master of the ancient Kirana gharana tradition of Indian classical music, whose emphasis on perfect intonation and slowly building overtones of the alap section of the raga, would lay the basis for Palestine’s own compositions. Palestine has remained steadfast to those musical tenets since the late sixties, establishing himself as a force within the new generation of minimalism, leading to collaborations with Christoff Heemann, Z’ev, and the aforementioned Rhys Chatham, bringing the student/teacher relationship full circle…much like the drone, eternal.




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