It’s Nino Ferrer’s birthday


2 responses to “It’s Nino Ferrer’s birthday

  1. OK, I am officially amazed – I heard “Le Telefon” at a disco in Montreal and actually went out an bought it, a decision which amazed me, since it was a really good r&b track but a lame vocal performance. Listening to the YouTube clips you posted, I came upon “Le Sud” and really liked it, so I chased down his bio and discovered on Wikipedia that he too got burned out on his novelty stuff. Going deeper, I found this on the AllMusic site: – and the English ttranslation of “Le Sud”:, his defining hit in France.

    And then he goes and offs himself after coming to terms (or not) with all those different streams of his life. Wow.

    Thanks for posting this, Palmer; I had no idea how much more there was beyond the little I knew.

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    • I’ve got a thing for French Pop, but yeah I didn’t know the biographical details til I started looking them up before posting this (even though I included none of those details). And yeah, that Le Sud arrangement is just fantastic.


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