Help fund a documentary on famous Atlanta institution, The Clermont Hotel and Lounge and watch GG Allin makeout with dancer, Blondie

Though it has changed over the years, The Clermont Lounge is still a necessary stop on any tour of Atlanta. Even with the influx of the college crowd for dance/karaoke nights, the bar retains a unique vibe (and a bathroom that could give the legendary CBGB’s a run for it’s money, in the “don’t touch anything” department), not the least of which is due to the colorful characters dancing on the stage behind the bar, picking out their own music from the bar’s CD jukebox. I remember being there once during a rather quiet early evening when a dancer asked me what I wanted to hear. Being that I figured Prince was an unassailable option for virtually any situation, much less a strip club, such was my request. Well, lemme tell ya, one Prince song turned into a veritable Prince party, with all the ladies choosing their favorites.

The Clermont may be a strip club, but it’s the one that you can convince your more, um, ‘sensitive’ friends to attend. This is not a plastic surgery enhanced spectacle or young women putting themselves through college sorta bar. In fact most of the dancers are old enough to be putting their children, and even some grandchildren, through college, and their attitude reflects the difference in a welcoming way. It’s a freewheeling environment with, other than occasionally drunk and surly dancer, a personable staff and generally diverse crowd.

I’m not sure if they’re still doing bands, but they used to host a quality mix of underground acts, including an impromptu performance by temporary hotel resident, GG Allin, and he didn’t even get arrested. How’s that for underground cred? GG and Blondie! What a couple!

And there’s this tribute from Bubba Sparxxx

clermont lounge


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