Blind Illusion’s 1988 classic, The Sane Asylum, gets a reissue from World In Sound Records, with bonus 7″ of demos from 1985, produced by Kirk Hammett

From the WIS Soundcloud:

“Blind Illusion is one of the first US Thrash Metal bands; founded in 1979 they started with epic 70s progressive Hard Rock.

“The Sane Asylum” from 1988 was their only release; it presents excessive guitar freakouts by Larry Lalonde (also: POSSESSED “Seven Churches” / PRIMUS) and band-leader Mark Biedermann (BLUE OYSTER CULT “Imaginos”); it´s the first-ever album appearance of legendary bassist Les Claypool (PRIMUS).

This issue is carefully remastered and contains a booklet with liner notes, unseen photos and a bonus 7“ EP of the “Trilogy of Terror”-demo, produced by Kirk Hammett in 1985.”


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