Quentin Tarantino is not a fan of It Follows

I’m linking this because I’m still irritated that a decent, at best, Horror movie, It Follows, received such ridiculous acclaim. I think it’s a statement of how lacking the Horror genre has been lately (and yes, there are still plenty of Horror films being made that are way better than It Follows. I will say it again, Babadook is the best Horror movie I’ve seen in years.), prompting critics to accord it more credibility than it deserves. Anyway, no offense meant to it’s many fans, I enjoyed it, but enjoyment is a far cry from lavishing it with praise. Time for Tarantino’s take.


It Follows director, David Robert Mitchell, seems a little upset over the remarks, offering to give QT some notes of his own. While I’m sure we could all quibble about issues in Tarantino films (like the fact that Death Proof is just a straight piece of shit, and he still thinks that it was just an issue of misjudging it’s, lack of, commercial appeal. Nope, it just sucked.), I think that DRM is gonna have to develop a thicker skin, especially coming off such an otherwise acclaimed movie.



2 responses to “Quentin Tarantino is not a fan of It Follows

  1. It Follows was no modern masterpiece of horror – the ineptitude and incoherence of its climax made sure of that. (Nice last shot though)

    But what’s the big deal, though, with a movie nerd nerdily theorizing on how he would fix a movie he liked so it would be a better movie? That’s what they do!

    Had occasion to watch the uncut version of Death Proof recently and if the Grindhouse version was an annoyingly blatant Tarantinian masturbation fantasy (not that I am above fantasies where a gorgeous hard drinking pot smoking 30 year old female DJ is capable of analyzing Dave Dee Dozy Mick and Tich and lapdances to Joe Tex and the Coasters happen), then the full 100+ minutes are, if not truly insufferable, only sufferable if other things are happening while it plays itself out in the mid-ground.

    Babadook > It Follows > Death Proof


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