iZombie Season 2 trailer

I accidentally stumbled upon iZombie knowing nothing of it, and gotta admit, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve caught so far. It’s fun and funny, relatively smart and hip, without being overly so, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Rose McIvor is engaging as the show’s protagonist (although her name, Liv Moore, did make me cringe), and the camaraderie with her work partner Rahul Kohli is highly entertaining. The fact that Liv takes on the habits of those whose brains she ingests, is a nice twist on the zombie thing, which has led to her to temporarily becoming a stoner, a sorority girl and a sniper, to amusing ends. As someone with no particular love of the recent zombie onslaught, and being entirely averse to the current crop of TV series adapted from comics (exception: Daredevil!), I was pleasantly surprised that iZombie won me over and has me looking forward to Season 2.


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