Watch Neil Young’s foray into Post-Apocalyptic Cinema, Human Highway, starring Devo, Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell and Russ Tamblyn

Is it a mere coincidence that all three male leads were later involved with the films of David Lynch? Not to mention Charlotte Stewart, who had starred in Eraserhead, as Mary X, five years prior to Human Highway, and later in Twin Peaks.

From Wikipedia:

“For Devo it was their first experience with Hollywood. Gerald Casale said the band felt removed observing the odd behaviors including excessive alcohol and drug abuse and rock star adulation with Young as the central “most grounded” person.

The “Hey Hey My My” footage with Devo was recorded at Different Fur, San Francisco. Mark Mothersbaugh as “Booji Boy” during this performance inserted the Devo line, “rust never sleeps”. The line would soon after become the inspiration for Young’s works with the same name. Young showed the footage of this performance to his band Crazy Horse. Guitarist Frank Sampedro has said they played “Hey Hey My My” “harder” as a result”


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