101 reasons that this 1970 pic of the Bob Seger System is the greatest Rock and Roll photo ever

Bob Seager System plays Mount Holly for Johnny Irons & WTAC-AM Radio Flint

Bob Seger System plays Mount Holly for Johnny Irons &
WTAC-AM Radio Flint, photo by Pat Appleson

Because I don’t know which I love most, early Bob Seger, outta control Rock and Roll photography, or laughs.


My additions to the list:

1. Drum kit later used to build C3PO

2. I’d say 2+2+2 was on the drummer’s mind (re:kick drums).

Now for some of my faves:

11. Seriously, look at that drum concoction over the drummer’s head. Have you ever seen anything like that? Even Tommy Lee never dreamed up anything as insane as that.

24. Strange kick drum contraption doubles as heating ducts, giving us a peak into the drums future as a HVAC tech.

30. Clearly they’re in a room smaller and more cottage-like than Harvey’s, but they’re rocking the shit out of it like it’s motherfucking Cobo Hall.

44. Because it is evident that this is what rock and roll once really looked like.

68. Because Glenn Frey also came up from Royal Oak and thought about a limited period of legitimacy

71. Because I smell weed just looking at that photo.

73. They had to ask to leave work early at Radio Shack to make the gig in time. Their manager was seen puking in a trash can in the parking lot later.

75. The cumulative smells of sweat, weed, and beer that gathered in that carpeted ceiling left more than one audience member unconscious during the set.


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