Song of The Day: Bob Seger System – 2 + 2

The song that I want them to be rocking out to in the previous post’s pic.


2 responses to “Song of The Day: Bob Seger System – 2 + 2

  1. F-n hilarious, we are often on the same wavelength, just last night my wife had the song ‘Still the Same’ stuck in her head and for no reason whatsoever. She didn’t know who did it and I didn’t recognize it as I didn’t much get into that era of Seger’s work much. she looked it up and yeah, Bob Seger. I just looked at her and said ‘Fuck yeah! Bob Seger System! 2+2 and Lucy Blue and she didn’t know what I was talking about. I meant to play her that stuff but forgot and now I played it for her since you posted this and that amazing photo from wherever of that ridiculous set-up in some attic…now she’s a fan!

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    • Love it! Seger’s shit into the mid-70’s is all good, as far as I’m concerned, and he 70’s live recordings will bear that out. Dude nailed the Detroit Rock/Soul vibe. As far as his 60’s singles go, they are some of the most smoking Garage Punkers of the era.


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