Fred Cole collapses on stage during Dead Moon set at Bumbershoot

Thankfully he was taken to the hospital and his condition has stabilized. It appears to have been complications from a heart surgery that he underwent last year. My thoughts and best wishes go out to the Cole’s, the couple that prove true love and Rock and Roll can coexist (married 48 years, while touring heavily for many of them. Watch Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story, for ample evidence of their mutual love).

First Lemmy, and now Fred, icons both. Hell, by the time time Lemmy joined The Rockin’ Vickers, in 1965, Fred had already released two singles, after which he formed a succession of bands including The Weeds, aka, Lollipop Shoppe, Whizeagle, Zipper, King Bee, Western Front, The Rats and The Range Rats, before finally settling into Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows, both of whom he has toured with relentlessly. Fred should be nicknamed Rust, because the man must never sleep. The man has been doing this for over 50 years and only stops when his body gives out. A true inspiration.

In other troubling news, I didn’t realize that Dead Moon’s drummer, Andrew Loomis, is also facing his own health scare, battling cancer, and his drum seat is currently occupied by the Cole’s, Pierced Arrows drummer, Kelly Halliburton. Here’s hoping for healthier tidings for all.

Thanks to Jozzy Rubenski for this link to help fund Andrew Loomis’ medical costs.


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