Remember the time John Coltrane Quartet drummer, Elvin Jones, played a gunslinging killer, who stole the drum throne from the James Gang’s, Jim Fox ?

From 1971’s Psychedelic Western, Zachariah, starring Don Johnson.

Here’s a half hour set from the classic Coltrane Quartet, displaying Elvin’s synchronicity with that most perfect of Jazz quartets.

A short documentary, more of a demo really, on Elvin.

A pair from this Elvin led trio featuring fellow Coltrane Quartet alum, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and sax man Joe Farrell, who would later be known for a series of albums on CTI.

With Dave Liebman, Steve Grossman and Gene Perla, on the French show, Jazz Session, 1973

I know that this is the first song on the previously posted JCQ set, but I love this version and how the band synchs up, particularly the interplay between Jones and Tyner. Outstanding third eye visionary playing.


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