Sun City Girls, Torch of The Mystics, to be reissued.

I purchased this from the Forced Exposure mail order catalog when it was released, and though I recently ditched it, I’m glad to see that the world now has the chance to purchase an affordable copy of this, the undisputed highlight of their catalog. The SCGs had already built an impressive resume via tapes on their Cloaven Cassettes label, and LPs on Placebo Records, but on Torch of The Mystics, they dropped the Cloaven Theater antics, and occasional, ahem, “standard'” rock structure of their earlier shenanigans, and went straight into a third eye psychedelic ethno punk jazz that was truly their own sound, and the basis for all their future output. Words cannot do justice to how different, even to one familiar with their work, this was to everything else being released at the time. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to that moment, which is high praise indeed.


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