Style Inspiration: Cathy Moriarty in White of The Eye

Holy shit, White of The Eye is a total WTF thriller worth watching. As someone who’s seen most of what are dubbed Cult Classics, I’m always on the lookout for gems that have not reached that vaunted status, and 1987’s White of The Eye, hits the mark on multiple levels. Directed with style and panache by Donald Cammell, best known for 1970’s Mick Jagger starring vehicle Performance, WOTE is one of those rare films in which you have no idea what’s going to happen next. I would post a trailer, but I must recommend going in with no plot synopsis, as I did. Doing so left me totally off guard, and having watched the trailer after, it gives away several key plot points, that are better left unknown. Suffice it to say, things continue getting weirder as the movie unfolds. Also, Pink Floyd’s keyboardist, Nick Mason, scores the film, for my soundtrack lovers out there.

On to today’s source of style inspiration, Cathy Moriarty, and her fantastic peacock blazer/crushed velvet leggings/boots ensemble, and let me apologize for the jpeg quality, these are the best quality clips that I could screenshot. Yes, her outfit was so outstanding, I finally learned to screen capture, AND image searched vintage peacock jackets, to no avail, hence making due with less than perfect results. You may/should recognize Cathy Moriarty as Jake LaMotta’s wife Vickie, in Raging Bull, (or perhaps the less acclaimed, but highly entertaining Montana Moorehead/Nurse Nan, in the hilarious Soapdish), and despite the accolades that she received for that role, and the passage of seven years, this is only her third film role. Fortunately, Moriarty brings an intensity to her performance that one would expect from a Scorsese alum, which is absolutely necessary to carry off such tough and stylish threads. Really, that peacock blazer is TOO MUCH. Take a look and tell me I’m wrong. Oh, and watch White of The Eye!


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