Song of The Day: Dee Dee Warwick – You’re No Good

The original and best version. Happy birthday, Dee Dee!


4 responses to “Song of The Day: Dee Dee Warwick – You’re No Good

  1. Super version! Your mention inspires me to group it with a few other remarkable originals worth finding: Bessie Banks, “Go Now” (Moody Blues); Betty Harris, “Cry to Me” (Rolling Stones); and Erma Franklin, “Piece of My Heart” (Janis Joplin). The originals have soul that the cover versions, despite their popularity, are critically missing (or in Joplin’s case, over-sung).

    There’s a special category for Christine Kittrell (“I’m a Woman”) and Little Willie John (“Fever”); both are soulful as all get-out, but Peggy Lee did something completely different with each of those songs.

    And moving away from soul, but toward heart, check out Barry Mann’s original (demo) version of “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” (I think it’s on line) and then compare it to the wan reading by The Animals. The real animal in this song is Mann – he was hungry like a wolf. This really should have come out as a record when new.

    Just my opinion; no doubt other opinions will be shared!

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