Song of The Day: Pat Martino – Baiyina

The titular lead off cut from Martino’s 1968 Prestige Records release, subtitled: A Psychedelic Excursion Through The Magical Mysteries of The Koran. Mind melting, eastern modal psych, on par with the best of Gabor Szabo (my recent posting of whom, undoubtedly returned me to this perennial favorite). While Martino has a large and varied catalog, Baiyana is the one that has always most appealed to my sensibility, hitting that psychedelic drone zone groove that always gets me. In fact, I’ll go so far as to compare this to some of the more melodic passages on my total godhead album, Pharoah Sanders, Tauhid. Third eye, Jazz Raga stunner.

  • Pat Martino – guitar
  • Gregory Herbert – alto sax, flute
  • Khalil Balakrishna – tambura
  • Bobby Rose – guitar
  • Richard Davis – bass
  • Charlie Persip – drums
  • Reggie Ferguson – tabla


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