Album of The Day: Aguaturbia – Vol II Evol (1970)

In honor of the birthday of one Mark Farner, of Grand Funk Railroad, I present an album containing the single greatest GFR cover ever, Aguaturbia’s, Heartbreaker, which outshines the original (I might say the same of their Jailhouse Rock, Rock De La Carcel, as well)

Aguaturbia were a Chilean Psych band, in the vein of a blusier Jefferson Airplane, who only released two LPs, both in 1970. The second LP, Vol II Evol, is probably my favorite South American Psych record (definitely if we exclude Brazil from the list), and an absolute necessity for anyone into such. I first ordered Evol from Forced Exposure mail order in the early 90’s, based on their description of it being mind melting Venusian hippy acid rock, or some such, and was not disappointed. If anything, their hyperbolic description could barely prepare me for the grooves contained therein. The hippy vibes do flow heavy, and the blues reference, often a turn off in the hands of lesser psych bands, is employed to the utmost via the stylish licks and leads of Carlos Corales. Another element setting it apart from the pack, is vocalist, and Carlos’ wife, Denise, who was equally at home with ballads or belters and possessed an accent that added an additional, peculiar trippiness to the overall sound. Not too mention, she’s screaming lyrics like, “everybody making love, everybody making love, and the gods made love!”, while Carlos peels off leads like someone who’s absorbed the work of The Magic Band’s Morris Tepper and Jeff Cotton, as much as Jimmy Page. I’m trying to make some comparison points, but really this LP exists in a state of its own and just needs to be heard. Alien, psychedelic, free loving blues, in the best of all possible ways.

Oh, several years ago, the band reformed and have been gigging steadily since, with Denise and Carlos as the core members. Well worth catching if they happen to be on any continent that you might be near.


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