Happy birthday, Marc Bolan

I cannot begin to limit my Tyrannosaurus Rex/T Rex favorites, so I’m gonna take the easy out and post the excellent Born To Boogie documentary, and the Wembley 1972 gig that accompanies it on the DVD release (hint: BUY IT). The music of Marc Bolan figures into my life as prominently as just about any musician, and to see him at his prime is just transcendent. Boogie on, Electric Warrior.


2 responses to “Happy birthday, Marc Bolan

  1. I did a Today in History post in honor of the Wembley shows in March…I think he was at the peak of his powers there, and I can’t believe BORN TO BOOGIE languished in obscurity for so long. For that matter, I never understood why T. Rexstasy never took hold here in the US the way it should have…watching old footage years later, even as a kid I could see Bolan had all the elements necessary for world domination. Sheesh!


    • Unfortunately the American mass audience of the time seemed to have room for only one Glam denizen and apparently Bowie, and the Ziggy persona , was it. I assume that America’s issues with androgyny, transvestism, homosexuality, etc., played a role in Glam not making the same mark in the States as it did overseas.


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