Check out an early, unreleased, version of The Feelies, Forces At Work

From Numero Group’s, Ork Records: New York, New York compilation, collecting the label’s entire discography, plus two previously unreleased singles (of which this is one) on sixteen 7”s. Though The Feelies never released a record on Ork (I believe that this recording may have been an aborted attempt at doing so), their music fits perfectly into the NY based roster of artists at that label, such as Television, Alex Chilton, The dB’s and Prix. Forces At Work would make it onto The Feelies debut, Crazy Rhythms, in a much longer, more polished style. This version sounds like a rough edged NY scene based Wire, and I mean that as a HUGE compliment. If you ever get the chance to catch The Feelies, I give them the highest recommendation. One of the most blazing acts I’ve ever seen. That Velvets styled rhythmic guitar interplay gets played at breakneck Hardcore speeds.

And here’s the LP version for comparison.

And a live version as testament to the previous statement.


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